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Research BUSS1

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Primary Research
What is primary research?

Primary research is the collection of information first-hand for a specific purpose
and it is one of the possible sources for a business to use to conduct market
research for a new up-coming business.

What is the difference between primary market research and secondary…

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What are the drawbacks of using experiments?

The disadvantages of using experiments are

Can not generalise all customer behaviour on a single experiment
It can be time consuming and therefore delay an effective idea that can
increase prices.

What is observation?

Observation is when a business watches the customers while…

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What are the disadvantages of using focus groups?

The drawbacks are

Bias>demand characteristics

What are surveys?

Surveys are how consumers are questioned about a specific product or service.
There are several types of surveys:

Personal interviews
Postal surveys
Telephone interviews
Internet surveys

What are personal surveys?

Personal surveys are…

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What are the disadvantages of postal surveys?

Response rate is low
No guarantee that the responses are representative
Could never be sent
If a business adds a competition or offer to gain more responses the data
they receive may not be valid & add to expenses
Expensive have to pay…

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What are the advantages of internet surveys?

Response rates are higher
Easily updated
Can receive detailed responses-especially if there is an incentive

What are the disadvantages of internet surveys?

Can be biased towards people who have a particular interest in that
product, brand or service.
Less relevant for businesses…

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By Tiffany George ­ Fontaine


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