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Primary Research
What is primary research?
Primary research is the collection of information first-hand for a specific purpose
and it is one of the possible sources for a business to use to conduct market
research for a new up-coming business.
What is the difference between primary market research and secondary research,
primary market research?
Primary market research is done personally by the entrepreneur or marketing
associates themselves and secondary research is done by someone else.…read more

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What are the drawbacks of using experiments?
The disadvantages of using experiments are
Can not generalise all customer behaviour on a single experiment
It can be time consuming and therefore delay an effective idea that can
increase prices.
What is observation?
Observation is when a business watches the customers while they are shopping and
gather information depending on what they look at and what they purchase while
the customers are in the store.…read more

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What are the disadvantages of using focus groups?
The drawbacks are
Bias>demand characteristics
What are surveys?
Surveys are how consumers are questioned about a specific product or service.
There are several types of surveys:
Personal interviews
Postal surveys
Telephone interviews
Internet surveys
What are personal surveys?
Personal surveys are when the interviewer and the interviewee are face-to-face; the
interviewer records the answers that the interviewee gives.
What are the advantages of using personal surveys?
Broad amount of information i.e.…read more

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What are the disadvantages of postal surveys?
Response rate is low
No guarantee that the responses are representative
Could never be sent
If a business adds a competition or offer to gain more responses the data
they receive may not be valid & add to expenses
Expensive have to pay for postage to the respondents and for it to be
returned to the business
What are telephone interviews?
Telephone interviews are were the market researcher calls members of the public
to ask them questions.…read more

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What are the advantages of internet surveys?
Response rates are higher
Easily updated
Can receive detailed responses-especially if there is an incentive
What are the disadvantages of internet surveys?
Can be biased towards people who have a particular interest in that
product, brand or service.
Less relevant for businesses whose target market is not on the internet i.e.…read more

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By Tiffany George ­ Fontaine…read more


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