Primary market research

My notes on all types of primary research with advs and disadvs for each

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An organisation experiments with a particular approach in certain areas or for a certain time.
Benefits Drawbacks
It is a relatively cheap way of finding out Consumer behaviour may not be the same throughout
customers preferences the country
It considers actual customers behaviour rather It may delay the introduction of a potential
than opinions given in a questionnaire successful strategy
Stores watch customers while they are shopping and gather information on customer reactions.
Benefits Drawbacks
The effectiveness of displays and merchandising It is expensive to employ psychologists to analyse
can be assessed the results
It may show what customers are thinking Observation shows what is happening rather than
why it is taking place
Focus groups
A group of consumers are encouraged to discuss their feelings about a product or market.
Benefits Drawbacks
Focus groups enable a firm to gather in-depth details There may be a bias within a focus group
of consumers' thoughts Focus groups are expensive to operate
These groups also help to uncover new ideas on how to
market products/services
Personal interviews
These are conducted face-to-face, with the interviewer filling in the answers given be the
Benefits Drawbacks
A wide range of information can be gained They can be time consuming
An uncertainties in the wording of the question The interviewer may not select an unbiased sample
can be explained to the interviewee by the or answers may not be truthful, if questions are
interviewer personal
Postal surveys
These surveys are posted to people who post them back after completion
Benefits Drawbacks
This method is cheap Response rates are usually low
Postal surveys allow more specific targeting of Returns may be biased
geographical areas
Respondents have more time answer the questions,
so much more detail can be put into the survey
Telephone interviews
These interviews take place when a market researcher calls a member of the public, seeking
their answers to certain questions.
Benefits Drawbacks
Telephone calls are cheap and can be targeted Questions tend to be brief, interviewees are
directly to customers reluctant to give details to someone over the phone
They are also used to gain entry into house

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resentment of any business trying to contact
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