pride and prejudice character sumaries

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Elizabeth Bennet
Cynical Knowledgeable
Determined Mature
Guarded Protective
Impartial Ashamed
Disillusioned Protective
Jane Bennet
Calm Enchanting
Cheerful Friendly
Cultured Gentle
Delightful Righteous
Disillusioned Impartial
Lydia Bennet
Careless Exuberant
Defiant Foolish
Disagreeable Immature
Eager Naïve
Energetic Vulgar
Mr Bennet
Calm Kind hearted
Domineering Likable
Fearless Tormenting
Frank Peaceful
Friendly Steadfast
Mrs Bennet
Ambitious Pathetic
Boorish Quarrelsome
Determined Vulgar
Eager Tiresome
Fretful Erratic
Mr Bingley
Agreeable Helpful
Charming Honourable
Debonair Kind hearted
Decisive Righteous
Enchanting Protective

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Caroline Bingley
Deceitful Obnoxious
Decorous Protective
Envious Secretive
Jealous Domineering
Mature Malicious
Mr Darcy
Abrasive Courageous
Aloof Credible
Arrogant Deceitful
Agreeable(end) disagreeable(beginning) Defiant
Callous Proud
Mr Gardiner
Decisive Happy
Fearless Helpful
Friendly Kind hearted
Generous Likable
Gentle Responsible
Mrs Gardiner
Confident Generous
Encouraging Gentle
Enthusiastic Happy
Frank Likable
Friendly Responsible
Charlotte Lucas
Materialistic Likable
Seemly Quiet
Adaptable Seemly
Eager Wise
Encouraging Helpful
Mr Collins
Boorish Ignorant
Callous Obnoxious
Resolute Possessive
Disagreeable Thoughtless
Eager Proud
Mr Wickham…read more

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Confident Erratic
Cooperative Evasive
Cowardly Greedy
Deceitful Malicious
Disagreeable Untrustworthy
Lady Catherine
Abrupt Finicky
Arrogant Frank
Callous Jealous
Cultured Obnoxious
Envious Sophisticated…read more


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