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Pressure Groups…read more

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What is a Pressure Group?
· A formal or informal association of people with the
purpose to further the interests of a section or society
or to promote a cause by influencing the government
· Try to influence the details of legislation as well as the
big decisions
· Usually has a narrow range of issues
· Operate at different levels of government
· Part of civil society ­ sphere of independent bodies
operating outside government control
· Members are united by a shared belief in a cause or
common set of interests…read more

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Classification of Pressure Groups
· Sectional/Interest Groups ­ `a group of'
­ Represent a specific section of society
­ Members are motivated by material self interest
­ Self-interested and only promote the interests of their
members, e.g. Trade unions (National Union of Teacher)/British
Medical Association ­ peak groups (groups which organise other
PGS) Trades Union Congress
· Cause/Issue/Promotional Groups ­ `a group for'
­ Claim to be serving the entire community
­ One/Cluster of issues they promote
­ Do not have specific membership
­ Altruistic: don't just seek to promote interests of their members
­ E.g. Amnesty International/Greenpeace/Red Cross…read more

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Cross Overs of Sectional and Cause Groups:
·Some have a mix of characteristics (see dual
function groups)
·A pressure group may attract members with
both sectional and promotional motivations
­ Plane Stupid: November 2012 campaigners and
residents had a protest walk against the proposed
`World's Logistics Hub' at Manchester Airport
· The campaigners were motivated by promotional
concerns of ecological sustainability whilst residents
were motivated by sectional concerns of destruction of
local area
·Some sectional pressure groups act like
promotional to sound more altruistic (BMA)…read more

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Dual Function Groups
­ Groups can be both sectional and cause
­ E.g. Countryside Alliance represents people living in
the countryside but also promotes for better quality
of life in the countryside which will benefit everyone
­ UK Coalition of People Living with AIDs: deals with
interests of its members but also promotes public
health and education
· Local Pressure Groups
­ Pressure groups operating within communities
­ Often concerned with temporary issues (e.g HS2)
­ These are the types most people are likely to be
directly involved in…read more

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Insider Groups
· Groups that operate inside the political system with
the use of contacts
· Take part in development of policies
· May be consulted regularly by government for
information or for public feedback
· Some have seats on committees and agencies so can
heavily influence legislation
· Some groups were set up by government and funded
by tax payers, e.g. The Commission for Equality and
Human Rights
· Often called to meetings of select committees…read more

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