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Digital presentations
Allow us to create richer presentations compared to the old methods
(overhead projectors)
Multimedia can be added: sound, animations, videos
Text and images can be found on a normal presentation, extra features
include: sound, video, animations, hotspots, hyperlinks and buttons.
Text and images
Used to convey information
Text should be appropriate to the target audience
Images should help convey the meaning of the text and not distract the
viewer from the text, they must be relevant.
Sound, video and animation can be included in a presentation to help convey
more information to the viewers.
Sound can be used dynamically or used in the background, and if used
appropriately the can be used to emphasis a point.
Video can be used within a presentation. This means the presenter doesn't
need to break away from the presentation in order to show the video.
Animations can help the user understand the topic. The deliverer can choose
the order in which items appear on the screen. This means they don't have to
make lots of slightly different slides.
Slide transitions
Slide transitions can be animated to make the presentation more
They can be used to signify different sections of the presentation.
Sounds could be attached to the slide transitions to help signify changes in
sections too.
Hyperlinks, hotspots and buttons
Hyperlinks can be used to navigate between slides within the presentation,
link to external files and also external web content.
Buttons can do the same thing
Links are used within the text whereas buttons are used outside the body of
the text.

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Hotspots are areas of the slide which have a hyperlink attached, these can
be in images too.
Digital or acetate?
Digital Acetate
Can have presentations that contain Can draw on acetate during the
multimedia, which can help support presentation to help illustrate a point.
Slides can be edited and copied into OHP equipment is relatively cheap and
other presentations easily. rarely goes wrong.
The quality of slides doesn't diminish Presenter can still read from acetate if
over time projector goes wrong i.e.…read more


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