Presentational Devices

This is an answer I wrote for the presentational devices question on the 2009 Foundation Paper.

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Compare the ways in which the designers of the two posters tried to persuade people that
women should have the vote.
Item 2 is a leaflet used to persuade people that women should be allowed to
vote whereas Item 3 is a poster persuading for the same cause. Both items use pictures to
emphasise their cause. However, Item 2 uses a selection of mini images whereas Item 3 uses
a main image.
In image 2, there are 5 separate images each of women and men. The women
are situated on top of the men to emphasise the importance of women in contrast to men.
However, each women and men has a status which signifies them and the women seem to
have a better status than the men but each type of women is placed on top of a type of men
they can help. Therefore, nurse can help the lunatic which suggests that women in power
would not only help women but men as well.
On the other hand, in item 3, there is an image of a women situated in the
centre of the image who is dressed in a white dress. The colour white is suggestive of the
cleanliness and purity of the women which emphasises the clear intentions of the women to
show allowing women to vote and being able to be voted should be allowed. Furthermore,
with the posture of the women showing femininity but power, her arm is directed towards
the word `women' and her feet is directed towards `everywhere'. `Women Everywhere'
suggests that the new idea of women being allowed to vote or being voted should be
accepted as the idea has spread wide. This is shown by the newspaper which she's holding
in her hands.
Both items use some form of text as a statement which emphasise the images.
In item 3, the text is in a simple style but a big font which is similar to the women whose
wearing simple clothing but dominates the centre of the poster. The colour uses to on the
text is green signifying nature. This insinuates that women in power are natural and placing
women in power could have a major, positive impact. Furthermore, the text looks like a
bubble style which is outlined in a bold line to gather it together to make the letters and
words. This is representative of the idea of women being voted and allowed to vote which
has been around a while but now significant action is being taken to make it happen.
However, in item 2 the text is in an olden style and a small font. This suggests
the idea of men being voting and being voted is old and there needs to be change which is
clearer and easier to understand. The words, `Men', `Women' and `Vote' have a capital letter
which suggests that women do not want to be superior to men t but equal to them. Also, the
text uses the different styles of writing, `and' and `&' which suggest that the voting system
is placed to take decision based on the majority of people but if there's not a variety of
opinions from men and women, the voting system will not work.


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