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B7: Revision
Exam on the 15th June!!!!!!!…read more

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· This is where all organisms depend on each
other for survival…read more

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The sun
All organisms are dependant on the sun for:
Heat; as it keeps the atmosphere warm
The energy that is passed on through the food
chain…read more

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Two types of organisms
· Autotrophs : organisms which generate their
own organic compound. Basically, produce
their own food. An example would be a plant.
Therefore, autotrophs are usually found at the
beginning of the food chain-producers
· Heterotrophs: these gain organic compounds
through eating other organisms- humans!!!!…read more

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· Only 2% of light energy is absorbed by
· 33% is transferred as waste heat
· 60% is of the wrong wavelength for
· 5% passes straight through…read more

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