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Model organism is when a non ­ human. They give
important data which helps us understand the
science of humans. The ethical issues may have the
concern the animal rights pressure groups as it is
seen as unethical to use animal in such experiments
which will harm them in some way.
However the advantage is that it helps us understand
things and how they should be dealt
with when humans are diagnosed.…read more

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WHAT IS A STROKE?…read more

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Stroke is a type of cardiovascular disease,
which has two types one which
Full stroke - numbness or paralysis on
opposite side of body (slurred speech,
dribbling mouth, drooping eyelid or mouth)
dizziness, blurred or loss of vision confusion
same as for full stroke, but only temporary…read more

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Stroke is a disease that affects the arteries
leading to and within the brain.
A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that
carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain is
either blocked by a clot or bursts. When that
happens, part of the brain cannot get the
blood (and oxygen) it needs, so it starts to
die.…read more

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WHAT ARE LIPIDS ?…read more

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