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notes on the different ways of navigating through presentations

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Presentation navigation
Manual transitions
Involve user interaction
User determines when slides change
Also, if there are different elements to a slide like bullet points the user
can decide when they appear, and in what order.
They allow questions to be answered by the audience before commencing to
the next slide
Automatic transitions
Timings can be set to automatically display slide elements and change to the
next slide.
The timings need enough time for the presenter to read the information and
for the reader to digest this information.
These can be used at presentation evening, open evenings, exhibitions as
they don't need a presenter to speak the information.
Linear presentations
Slides are shown in one order, each slide is displayed one after the other
Non-linear presentations
Slides can be shown in any order
Buttons can be used to jump around slides in any order.
This provides a level of flexibility, so when presentations are shown to
different audiences, sections can be missed out.
Users can choose which slides to go to but some slides can't be accessed
when certain choices are made.


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