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The effects
Prejudice and of
Types of and
discrimination prejudice
What is
prejudice? Why do
discriminate?…read more

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Is positive
Key Words: discrimination a good
or bad thing? Think of
some examples.
· Prejudice- To unfairly `pre-judge' someone before you know them based
on their race, age, gender and so on.
· Discrimination-Acting on a prejudice and treating someone unfairly,
preventing them from having equal chances in life.
· Positive Discrimination- Treating people more favorable because of who,
or what, they are, often because of discrimination they have faced in the
· Stereotype- An oversimplified view of one particular group of people. Give an example of a
· Justice- Fairness. Everyone has the same rights and should be treated the
stereotype? For
example "blondes are
same as each other. dumb" is a stereotype.
· Equality- Having the same value and worth; no person is more important
than another.
· Tolerance- Everyone's views should be respected.
· Harmony- Everyone within a group should be treated well.
Remember: JETH-
Justice, equality,
tolerance, harmony!…read more

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Types of Prejudices and Discrimination:
· Religious Discrimination- Being prejudiced or discriminative towards somebody
because of their religion.
· Disability Discrimination- Being prejudiced or discriminative towards somebody
because they have a disability, mental or physical.
· Racism- Being prejudiced or discriminative towards somebody because of the colour of their
· Homophobia- Being prejudiced or discriminative towards somebody because of their
· Ageism- Being prejudiced or discriminative towards somebody because of their age.
· Sexism- Being prejudiced or discriminative towards somebody because of their sex.
Remember: There are six different types of prejudice...…read more

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Reasons for Prejudices and Discrimination:
· Lack of knowledge about a certain culture, religion etc.
· Blaming certain groups for problems in society (scapegoating).Think of an example of
some of these causes
of prejudices. For
· Children imitating parents prejudiced attitudes. example, the Jews
were scapegoated
· Bad experience of culture religion etc. being generalised. during WW2.
· Media reinforced prejudices. How can the media
reinforce prejudices?
· Being a victim of prejudice yourself.
...and six key reasons of prejudices!…read more

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How Christians Should Behave Towards
Different Groups of People:
What does the parable
of the Good Samaritan
teach Christians?
· With JETH!(Justice, equality, tolerance, harmony.)
· The Parable of the Good Samaritan- A Jew was left for dead, a Priest and
a Saudccee walked past and left him whereas a Samaritan, the enemy of
the Jew, helped him. Jesus said we should be like the Samaritan and help
everyone no matter what!
· Agape- Compassionate love for everyone
· "Love your neighbor as you love yourself"
· "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are
all one in Christ Jesus."
What types of
How do the beliefs of prejudice and
fundamental and discrimination do
liberal Christians these quotes relate to?
differ?…read more

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How Some Christians Do Behave towards
different groups of people:
· Women can become Bishops, but the change was only made
recently. In Catholic churches women cannot become Priests.
Why might some
· The majority of UK churches do not allow same-sex marriage
Christians have these
prejudices? What does
ceremonies. the Bible say about
· Some Ku Klux Clan members claimed to be Christians.
· The slave trade was encouraged in some Christian countries e.
g. UK.
Paul once said
Remember, this does "Women should
not apply to all remain silent in
Christians. churches".…read more

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