Prehistoric Medicine

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Hunters (1925) Farmers (2027)
What health Couldn't stop severe bleeding painful joints and bones
problems did The sick and weak were left behind polluted water supplies
they have? Can't close open wounds cuts on flint
Getting diseases from animals broken bones can heal but
Gangrene they will still walk with a lim
No materials/resources hard physical labour
Hunting accidents no materials
Weakness/tiredness infections
Catching diseases
What did they Evil spirits Broken bones
think caused Hunting accidents Evil spirits
illness? Accidents ­ anything they s
What Charms to remove Covered wounds Charms to remove Mud and leaves until the m
treatments spirits with mud spirits set hard for a broken bone
did they use? Chants to remove Bound bark Drinks and herbs
spirits Left the sick Bark to treat broken bones
Trepanning to behind
remove spirits
Who treated Medicine men ­charms + pray Medicine men ­charms +
the sick? Woman fixed wounds pray
Help self
Family helped
Prehistoric Medicine


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