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Read pages 73 ­ 81 of the `Puzzle of
Ethics'. You need to compare Henry
Sidgwick's ideas with the philosophers we
have looked at today.
Due: Monday 11th January
Please bring the books back next lesson.…read more

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Preference Utilitarianism
Peter Singer
Richard Hare Brandt
L.O: To explore preference utilitarianism and
the philosophers associated with it.…read more

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After hearing Joe's dilemma what would...
A) An Act Utilitarian say
B) A Rule Utilitarian say
Wahyah man!
What should I
do about me
garden?…read more

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Preference Utilitarianism
(most modern form of utilitarianism)
Does the decision fit with the preferences
of the individuals involved.
What is in my
What would I prefer?
What would everyone
else prefer?
1. Think of a situation where James Bond could use preference utilitarianism?
2. Do you think this is a good way of making decisions?…read more

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Key Thinkers
Using your textbooks make notes on the
following thinkers and how they have interpreted
the idea of preference utilitarianism. You should
be able to draw a picture to go with each of them
to represent their view.
1. Richard Hare:
2. Peter Singer:
3. Richard Brandt:…read more

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Eudamonistic Consequential Universalistic
Draw out the table and explain how each of the concepts relates to Preference
Utilitarianism.…read more

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