Pre-release series (#6) [2014]: Stakeholders in the LAPSSET project

Hi there.

. It's my final document in the series (I think) and it has all the stakeholders views on the LAPSSET project and/or possible evaluation and limitations.

Here's #6.

Projected documents in the series:

#0.5- Initial ideas.

#1- Timelines of East Africa from the 1880s to the present day.

#2- Possible questions for the pre-release.

#3- Theories of development.

#4- Extra research and the overall pre-release revision notes.

#5-Parallel examples to the East African region.

#6-Stakeholders views in the LAPSSET project.

#7- Mind map (overview) on Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


More may be added in the future.

Good luck for your exam!

Feedback is welcome.

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Stakeholders in the LAPSSET project
Vie Stakeholder and their status View expressed Evidence to support their view Possible conflicts/evaluation
1 Finance Minister, South Africa `The problem is not that international trade is Dependency theory supports this because IMF and World Bank are
inherently opposed to the needs and interests…

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declining for decades according to the World lack of infrastructure (which may be
Bank'. improved by the LAPSSET project). In
A number of factors have contributed to the addition, the lack of trade is because of
slow development of the East African region. the lack of interactions in the trade…

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This highlights the effects of corruption on the schools was cut by the US until fraud and focused on
area and the lack of governance which has corruption allegations had been themselves?
stagnated Africa's development. Refer to investigated (2010). What is the possibility
figure 10. of the LAPSSET project

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- Chinese government There is an interest in the LAPSSET project Due to the increased FDI in Africa from China is one of the
because of the location of energy for the oil China, the link and interest is being reasons/factors why
and gas. It was found in Kenya in…

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this impact the
LAPSSET project?

- East African Federation N/A N/A This may not even
occur so may not affect
the LAPSSET project. If
it is set up and then
fails, this may damage
relationships between
the countries.

- Al Qaeda N/A N/A How is the project
supposed to succeed…




You have actually saved my life! Fabulous resources! Thank you so much :) x 

Bethany Cunningham


Thank you so much Ethne for the feedback.

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