Pre Release Poem 2011- After the Deluge

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After the Deluge.
Setting: Nigeria Africa. Oil producing country.
Deluge- means Flood metaphor for massive social chance (REOLUTION).
Stanza one: HYPERBOLE;
Wealthy lifestyle
Obscenely extravagant
He is a Nigerian businessman, who had made his fortunes though exploiting other
businesses and people. He has also lead a life of luxury and secretly as "He made a
billion yen Leap from Tokyo" This connoted he moved his money around in order he
didn't get caught. Extremely clever man. SELFISH. The poem then goes on to a
completely juxtaposed way of life. Due to the revolution, people found out about the
actions of this man, and came for him, although he " escaped the lynch days" he now
lives a poor life in hiding and minimal resources.
Lynch mob- Killing gang
Personification/ Metaphor- describing money leaping for different countries. Also
personification of money shows his talent with money. CORRUPTION.
"bloody flag"- Rebellion, dangerous, bloodshed & international chaos
Stanza 3:
Protects himself and his property
Gave a SMALL amount of his money to charity (keep public happy).
Stanza 4:
Basic lifestyle
Poor & queuing for water "water is a god"
Water is know powerful not £££££.
"roosted"- Zoomorfision
Stanza 5:
Nature has taken over...
Wishing to return to his old life & home.


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