Pre-release series (#0.5) [2014]: initial ideas.


I am just editing my resources to accomodate for the series of pre-release information I've created.

Here's #0.5. It is 0.5 because this was before any teacher intervention or classroom discussion.

Projected documents in the series:

#0.5- Initial ideas.

#1- Timelines of East Africa from the 1880s to the present day.

#2- Possible questions for the pre-release.

#3- Theories of development.

#4- Extra research and the overall pre-release revision notes.

#5-Parallel examples to the East African region.

#6-Stakeholders views in the LAPSSET project.

#7- Mind map (overview) on Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


More may be added in the future.

Good luck for your exam!

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Hi bethany, I would just like to say thank you so much for all your resources, they are very helpful and actually help me with my revision!! have you had any ideas about the tectonics pre release section?

Bethany Cunningham

Thanks Izzy Y. I am so glad that they have helped and I will message you when my tectonic notes have been checked by my teacher and then I will upload them.


Hey Bethany, was just wondering if you have any further revision material for the pre-release which has built on this?

Bethany Cunningham

Hi Connor. Yep I am working on it now and I just want my teacher to check it before uploading but I will be adding those by the end of the week. I will message you when they are uploaded.


I don't ,mind them being unchecked, I would just like to make a start on the pre-release revision. Perhaps you could possibly send me them via email? or upload the unchecked ones? If not don't worry! Thanks for your previously helpful material!

Bethany Cunningham

They have now been added Connor and anyone else who is reading these comments.



Bethany Cunningham

Oh wow, thank you Tasnim. I am really glad it helps.

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