Pragmatic Development (Child Language Acquisition)

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Child Language Acquisition
Pragmatic Development
Children are motivated to acquire language because it serves certain purposes.
Instrumental: Express needs.
Regulatory: Tell others what to do/Commands.
Interactional: Social.
Personal: Express feelings, opinions and individual identity.
Heuristic: Questions.
Imaginative: Stories/Jokes.
Early years:
Already being taught social conventions/speech conventions.
Bancroft, `Peekaboo'
o Turn taking
o Responds to contribution
o Participants have common purpose
o Follows a sequence
o Gives participants pleasure
Adults will `play' talk with children which teaches them these things before they even understand
24 Years
Becomes a much more active participant in conversation
Begins to learn conventions.
Begins to learn politeness strategies.
o Youssef: Children used different English in different situations 100% Standard
English with mother, decreasing amounts with helpers and friends.


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