Practice Questions: Believing in God

A list of most of the questions which are likely to come up in the exam, along with a mark scheme which you can use for self or peer assessment. They are taken from past papers as well as end of unit tests from Edexcel, so with each one there is a possibility that it will be on the paper. Hope they help:) x

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Practise Exam Questions (Edexcel): Believing in God
*Mark scheme on following page to use for self assessment

b) Do you think evil and suffering in the world stops people believing in God?

b) Do you think miracles help people to believe in a God?

b) Do you think the causation…

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ii) Give reasons why some people may disagree with you.
Mark Scheme

B questions: Do you think...?
1 mark ­ One brief reason
2 marks ­ Two brief reasons or one developed reason
3 marks ­ One brief reason and one developed reason
4 marks ­ Two fully developed reasons…




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