Practice Exam Questions on Russia 1855- 1956 for edexcel

Practice exam questions with help on Russia 1855-1956. Suitable for Edexcel A2 History.

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Russia Essay Questions
Tsars vs Commisars
How far do you agree that a Russia did little more than exchange Romanov Tsars for `Red Tsars'
in1917? (How similar were the Tsars to the Bolsheviks in the period 18551956? i.e. way they deal
with problems.)
How different socially and economically was Tsarist Russia (18551917) from Communist Russia?
Who was the most successful leader of this period?
What was the most significant turningpoint in the nature of the Russian government in the period
from 18551956?
Was war the locomotive of change in Russia?
`Military needs were always the main reason for Russia's economic development'. To what extent do
you agree with this judgement?
Explain why opposition to Russian governments was so rarely successful in the period from 1855 to
In the period 1855 to 1956, did the Russian peasantry receive better treatment under Tsarist or
Communist governments.
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