Practice AS Nazi Exam Question

A basic break down of what to mention in an AS Nazi economy exam question for Edexcel

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What steps were taken between 1933 and 1939 to alleviate and tackle the
problem of unemployment in Germany?
Public works schemes AKA Reicharbeitdienst e.g. autobahnen
Youth labour services
Removing groups from unemployment register i.e. women and Jews
Subsidies for businesses to employ more people
Rearmament meant that more factories opened
Level 2 (716 DEVELOP)
Explain what the scheme was/ how it created jobs
Explicitly address question
EG public works schemes: 3000 km built (19358), high levels of labour needed, gave Nazis
good propaganda within and outside Germany
Introduced conscription in 1935 for 1825 year olds
Youth Labour services RAD for 6 months, 400 000 youths off register in 1934
Removing groups from unemployment Jews different time removed from women Jews
1936 onwards
Unemployment priority at the beginning of the Nazi's rule
Intend to reduce it to make people happier, make them more popular with the voters
1933creating jobs to make the people support the regime
Reasons for reduced unemployment change:
First, schemes introduced to make people happy
Later schemes trying to take people off unemployment register
1935 onwards becomes about control
Becomes more militarily geared
As war approaches1937 onwards, Nazis reverse this policy and actively recruit women


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