Powers of the pm and president


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Powers of the prime minister
The power to appoint, reshuffle or dismiss cabinet
The power to create new peers to the House of
The power to give out honours
The power to appoint top civil servants,
ambassadors, bishops and judges
The power to determine government business and
cabinet discussions and agendas
The power to withhold information from the House
of Parliament if deemed necessary
The power to use the media via a lobby system
The power to terminate the life of a government and
call a general election
Powers of the president
Act as commander in chief of the Army and Navy
Make foreign treaties, with two thirds consent of the
Appoint ambassadors, supreme court justices, and
federal judges, with the approval of the Senate
Deliver a state of the union address to the congress
Recommend legislation to congress
Convene congress on extraordinary occasions
Adjourn congress, in cases of disagreement about
Take care that the laws be carefully executed
Receive foreign ambassadors and ministers


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