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What are the Differences
Between Ac & Dc Current...?
Vivien Sch…read more

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· Electricity
­ Magnetic Field
· AC 1 2 3
· DC
­ AC & DC 1 2
· Transformers
­ Key Words
» Bye-bye…read more

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· Electricity is a very different energy source
than heat or light. In nature, electricity only
rarely occurs, in some animals or with
lightning. In the search to create electrical
energy, scientists discovered that
electrical and magnetic fields are related.…read more

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Magnetic Fields...
· A magnetic field near a wire causes
electrons to flow in a single direction along
the wire because they are repelled and
attracted by the north or south poles.…read more

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AC... s t in g h o u se. AC
d e s ig n to We power
n d s o ld h is h e n t h e
is c o v e red AC a o f k il o m etres. W r c o n ve r ts to
sla d ver 100's nsform e
Nikola Te e s v e ry li t t le o
u r h o m e s , a t ra
n s ) t o the low
ra d outside o t ro
power de
r ic a l p o le r ie d w it h the elec
n elect rgy car
reaches a he amou n t o f e n e
h v olt ag e ( t
u r a p p li a nces.
hig d to fuel o
n e e d e
· In AC, electrons keep switching directions, sometimes going
"forwards" and then going "backwards." The power that comes
from wall outlets is AC.
· Other scientists preferred AC because it travelled farther without
losing energy and could transfer different amounts of power.
Instead of applying the magnetism along the wire steadily, they
used a magnet that was rotating.
AC is safer to transfer over the longer distances and can provide more power.
· AC can even be changed to DC by an adapter, such as that
used to power the battery on a laptop.…read more

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· AC power is what fuels our homes. The
wires outside of our house are connected
at two ends to AC generators.…read more

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