Powerpoint on Parties, Elections and Referendums in the UK

Discusses current state (2015) of parties according to their limits and their pupose in elections and referenda in the UK,  Also holds infomation on Blair's 2000 PPER Act (document PDF http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2000/41/pdfs/ukpga_20000041_en.pdf ). Made by M Keates, can be reused with author's permission.

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and Referendums…read more

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Political Political Parties, E and R Act
Parties Limited amount spent on
election campaign
Demanded that Parties reveal
their sources of Funding
Banned foreign donations to
Parties…read more

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To vote in UK elections:
-be on Electoral Register
Elections -18+
-live in given region…read more

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2000 Political Parties, Elections and Referendum Act
Established new Electoral Commission to administrate and give
recommendations on Election methods
2010 Agreement for Coalition Government
There would be an Referendum on the Electoral System .
2011 Fixed Term Parliament Act
Maximum period of time in term 5 years
Unless `vote of no confidence' or A motion for a general election is
agreed by 2/3 of HoC.…read more

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Only held for important
issues, but can be about
Referendums anything
After the referendum, Gov
still has final verdict.
In a referendum, the
Government asks the
Electorate's opinion.
Everyone of voting age and
resides in the region has the
right to take part.…read more

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Since 1997...
September 1997:
- Should there be a Scottish Parliament and whether they should have tax varying powers (yes)
- Should there be a National Assembly for Wales (yes)
May 1998:
- should there be a Mayor of London and G London Authority (yes)
- referendum on the Good Friday Agreement (yes)
March 2011:
-Should N.Assembly for Wales should gain the power to legislate on a wider range (yes)
May 2011:
- referendum on whether to change the voting system for electing MPs to the HoC from FPTP
to the alternative vote. (no)
September 2014:
-Scottish Independence (no)…read more

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