Power struggle after Lenins death- AS history Edexcel Russia

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Power stuggle after Lenin's death
Round 1
Lenin's funeral- Stalin tricked Trotsky into not coming- people thought he couldn't be
bothered to come- reinforced people's opinions about T's arrogance
Stalin-centre stage at funeral- big speech- looked like Lenin's disciple
Encouraged the cult of Lenin
Round 2
Leading Communists- Lenin's testament NOT public- criticised Zinoviev & Kamenev- fear of
affecting their leadership
S no threat- testament would help real enemy :T
Round 3
1924- 1st party congress after L's death- Z& K joined forces with S ­ aim = defeat T
T criticised BUT easily defeated
S as general secretary ­ made sure his supporters packed the congress
T- lost job as war commissar- no longer controlled Red army
Round 4
1924 Z& K vicious campaign against T
T retaliated- attacked their loyalty to L in 1917 oct rev
S sat back ­ look like moderate peacemaker
Z & K scared about T- let S put his followers into key positions
T defeated at 13th party congress
Round 5
1926- S turned on Z&K ­ joined forces with Bukharin
Z&K asked from vote against S & end of NEP- S filled room with supporters= won every vote
Z&k JOINED T- asked workers& party members demonstrate in Moscow = lost their jobs in
Politburo in 1927- expelled from party
Round 6
S turned on B & right wing- attacked NEP
Rapid industrialisation- force to make peasants cooperate (Left wing policy)
Devious & manipulative tactics
B, Tomsky & Rykov removed from posts


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