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There are 3 fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas. Once our supply
has been used up there will be no more. They are formed
from dead animals and plants rotting for millions of years.
· In a coal or oil-fired power station, the fuel is heated and
the boiling water produces steam which powers a turbine
and turn an electric generator.…read more

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How It Works
Heat Electrical
water Steam power
Heat Fuel to turns sent
make turbines around
steam country…read more

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· Large amounts of electricity can be generated in
one place cheaply using coal.
· Transporting oil and gas to the power stations is
· Gas-fired power stations are very efficient.
· A fossil-fuelled power station can be built almost
anywhere.…read more

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· Burning any fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide,
which contributes to the "greenhouse effect".
· Burning coal produces a lot of carbon dioxide.
· It also produces sulphur dioxide which causes
acid rain.
· Mining coal can be difficult and dangerous. It can
destroy large areas of the landscape.
Did you know...
Coal is crushed to a fine
dust before it is burnt.…read more

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Renewable or Non-renewable?
· Fossil fuels are not a renewable energy
· Once we've burned them all, there isn't any
more, and our use of fossil fuels has steadily
increased. This is a particular problem for oil,
because we also use it to make essentials like
plastics.…read more

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