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Burglary…read more

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· No definition of entry
· Collins Jury has to be
satisfied there was an
· Brown need only be an
effective entry, put his
hand through a window
· Ryan Got stuck in the
window, but still an entry…read more

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· Includes:
· Houses, blocks of flats,
factories, offices
· B & S v Leathley Freezer
container, had doors with
locks, electricity connection
· Was a building
· Norfolk v Seekings Lorry
trailer still on wheels but
with electricity not a building
· Wheels meant it was a
vehicle…read more

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Part of a building
· R v Walkington
· Went into counter
area of a dept store,
· Trespassing as
customers not
allowed there.…read more

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· If has permission to
enter then not a
· R v Collins
· D was invited into the
· Prosecution must
prove D knew he was
trespassing or was
reckless…read more

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Going beyond Permission
· Smith & Jones
· Stole 2 TV's from his
fathers house, had
permission to enter but
not to steal!
· Barker v R
· D looked after the key
while neighbour away
· Used the key to enter and
steal property…read more


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