Potsdam and the Aftermath

This is what happened before, during, and after the Potsdam Conference. Please, please, PLEASE comment!

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Cold War
The Potsdam Conference…read more

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Changes since Yalta
The Soviet Union's America had a new
Red army was president ­Harry
occupying Central Truman- Roosevelt
and Eastern Europe dead
Britain had a new The USA had
Prime Minister ­ successfully tested
Clement Attlee an atomic bomb
(Churchill lost the
1945 election)…read more

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Decisions made at
Soviet power in Plans were made to
Eastern Europe was introduce
formally recognised representative and
The decision to split elective principles of
Germany into 4 government in
occupied zones was Germany
formally made The Nazi Party was
A Council of Foreign outlawed
Ministers was
created…read more

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Truman had mentioned that USA had "a
powerful new weapon" to Stalin, but
Stalin did not know what it was.
Japan was given an ultimatum to
surrender, but refused it. USA then
dropped the atomic bombs on Nagasaki
and Hiroshima, ending the war with
Japan.…read more

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Stalin's aftermath
Other countries
besides the ones
already occupied by
the Russians were
made into "Russian Poland Bulgaria Hungary
satellite states" -
Czechoslovakia Romania Yugoslavia…read more

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Churchill, Truman and Stalin from left to
right in a triple handshake…read more


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