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A2 sociology
Postmodernism and the media…read more

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So what is postmodernism
· Explosion of the media seen as part of the
change to a postmodern society,
· Postmodernist argue that we inhabit a world
shaped by the media,
· Media imagery and representation
themselves have become our reality with
computer technology creating virtual
realities that potentially replace their real life
counterparts.…read more

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· Argues that we now live in a in a media saturated
society in which media images now dominate and
distort the way we see the world.
· Media images replace reality to such an extent that
laser technology and video reportage have replaced
the blood and suffering and the corpse of war.
· TV news present information as media constructed
spectacles which makes them hard to distinguish them
from Hollywood movies and reality.…read more

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· Argues that this distorted view of the world
can be described as hyperreality with the
media presenting what he calls simulacra
(artificial images or reproduction/ copies of
real life events viewed simultaneously across
the globe.…read more

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21 century media
· Enormous increase in the power and influence
of already powerful companies
· Global satellite, cable and digital television
and the huge growth of the internet and
other new media emphasises the
postmodernist argument that the media no
longer only reflects reality but helps to create
it.…read more

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Garrod (2004)
· Reality TV shows such I'm a Celebrity, Wife Swap,
Fear factor, Big Brother, are blurring the
distinction and between reality and hypperreality
· `Hyperreality' : knowledge of the world is drawn
from media images of reality rather than directly
experiencing it.
· The signs contained in media reality constitute
hypperreality and in the postmodern world are
our main source of knowledge…read more

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