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Leaves reduced to Sexual Reproduction Asexual Reproduction
Keywords: Adaptation, Nucleus, Chromosomes, Gene, Clone, Tissue Culture, Embryo Cloning
Thick glossy
spines, to reduce
cuticle, to reduce Involves joining of sex cells
water loss and for
water loss. (gametes). This is fertilisation Parent
Plants-pollen and ovules
Animals-sperm and egg Offspring
Extensive shallow
Large, swollen stem Offspring show variation
network of roots,
(small SA:V) to reduce
to absorb any A cell nucleus
water loss and to store
water. contains 46
water . Chromosomes,
which carry genes. Competition
Adaptations To Hot Environment Animals Plants
No joining of gametes
Food Light
Adaptations To Cold Environment All genetic material from one
Water Water parent so offspring are identical
-small surface/area:volume ratio (clones)
Space Space
-thick fur No variation.
Mates Nutrients
-layer of fat as insulation
-camouflage Cloning Techniques -Animals
2) Fusion Cell Cloning (reproductive
-wide paws to avoid sinking Clone=genetically identical individual.
cloning)- a nucleus is removed from an
1) Embryo Cloning-a developing embryo is egg cell and replaced with a nucleus
Cloning Techniques -Plants removed from an animal and the cells from another animals body cell.
split apart. The cells are grown for a
Clone=genetically identical individual.
while before being implanted into
1) Taking Cuttings separate host mothers
2) Tissue culture
Embryo Cells split apart
and implanted into
separate host
Keywords: Darwin, Evolution, Natural Selection, Mutation, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Extinction, Genetic Engineering


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