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Post- Modernist Perspective
Modern Era- 1800's- 1970's
Factory Era
This view is now outdated
Modern Society= everyone learns the same values and beliefs
Designed for subservience and industry
Functionalist Marxists
Times have changed a lot. We shouldn't all be robots and
subservient. We should have our own minds.…read more

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Usher and Edwards
· We now live in a post- fordist era (after industry). We have very little
industrial work or mass production as we now need flexible
· Today's education system doesn't suit our post modern society.
· We now need creativity and individualism which isn't rewarded
properly in many schools. We also need workers who can work
anywhere and at any time.
· Skills are rapidly outdated and a new education system will be able
to update us... life long learning. There is no ONE way to learn, we
all learn differently and the education system should change to suit
our needs.
· We can now decide... society no longer moulds us.
· There is no perfect curriculum
· Functionalist as we shouldn't teach just one set of values…read more

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Cultural pluralism is all around us- we
should take full advantage of it and reflect
it in our education system
· Education should also meet personal
needs and desires
· Modern education was patriarchal
· Adult education should be expanded not
cut by new govt…read more

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· We need to keep economy running with
something... if we did have choice no- one
would work or go to school... economy
· Not every one is pleased all the time... its
· Some education is becoming stricter not
more relaxed- NR view…read more


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