Post-War Prosperity and Conservative Dominance Quiz, 1957-64

This quiz has the questions on one side, the answers on the other - revise the answers to the questions then test yourself by covering them up. You usually get one mark per piece of key detail - tell me your best scores in the comments!!

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History: The Making of Modern Britain

Section 1: The postwar consensus? 195164

Postwar prosperity and Conservative dominance, 195764

1. When and where was Macmillan's July 1957 at the Bedford football ground.
'never had it so good'speech? (3)
2. What two messages did the speech convey? (2) 1. The spread…

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20. How many people took part in the demonstration in 8,000.
Aldermaston? (1)
21. Who became leader of the TGWU in 1956? (2) Leftwinger Frank Cousins.

22.What did Gaitskell famously say at "Fight and fight again to save the
the Scarborough conference in 1960? party we love"

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3. The sense of growing impatience with the old
'Establishment' and the desire for generational change, as
shown through satire
4. Increased support for Labour, now led by the more
popular Wilson
5. The Labour split was over
6. Labour could exploit the powerful public mood that it


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