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Rebecca Davidson

Biology Coursework
Investigating Osmosis in Potato Cells

I have carried out an investigation, as part of my biology coursework, to
show osmosis happening in potato cells. Below is my method of how I
carried out this experiment.

1. Gather apparatus(McCartney bottles, measuring cylinders, salt

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Rebecca Davidson

concentration on the inside of the potato cylinders is higher than the water
concentration on the outside, so to balance it up, the water will exit the
potato cylinder, until an isotonic reaction happens. This will probably
make the potato cylinders shrink because the permanent vacuoles will…

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Rebecca Davidson


There have been some anomalies in my results, but the main trend of it all
is that the potato cylinders get larger, by osmosis. The water
concentration was obviously larger than the water concentration inside the
potato cylinders, so in order to balance the two out,…


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