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Populations and
AQA A2 Unit 4
By Kirsty Jones…read more

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A population is all the organisms of one
species in a habitat. Populations of different
species form a community.
Within a habitat a species occupies a niche
governed by adaptation to both biotic and
abiotic conditions.…read more

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Study of inter-relationships between organisms
in their environment.
`Environment' includes biotic (living) and abiotic
(non-living) organisms.
Biotic features could include: competition,
predators etc.
Abiotic features could include: temp, rainfall, pH
Looks at the biosphere (areas of land, sea and
air) of the earth that are life supporting.…read more

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Made up of abiotic and biotic factors of a
specific area.
Considered to be self-contained functional
Need to consider: flow of energy and cycling
of elements within system.
Example = pond.
Made up of a number of species.…read more

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Group of interbreeding organisms in one
species within a habitat.
Edge of population hard to determine.
Factors include: species type, size of
creature, ability to move long distances etc.
Populations of different species form a
community.…read more

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All the populations of different organisms
living and interacting in a particular place at
the same time.
Can include a large range of species of
animals, plants, fungi, bacteria etc.…read more

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