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Population Dynamics
Part 3…read more

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In this section...
You will learn that Japan has a population which is
both declining and ageing…read more

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Why is Japan's population
structure changing?
People in Japan are living longer. The average life expectancy is
79 for men and 85 for women. This is due to health diet and a
good quality of life. Japan is one of the richest countries in
the world and it has good health and welfare systems. Japan
spends 8.2% GDP on healthcare.
The birth rate in Japan has been declining since 1975. This is
partly due to the rise in the average age at which women
have their first child.…read more

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What does this mean for Japan?
An increasingly elderly population, together with a shrinking
younger population, means that there will be a number of
challenges in the future:
An increase in the cost of pensions. More elderly people,
living longer, will require pensions for longer. With the
falling birth rate, there will be fewer workers in the
economy, so higher taxes will be needed to fund those
A rising number of elderly people living in nursing homes.
An increase in the costs of healthcare as more elderly people
require medical treatment.…read more


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