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Population Dynamics
Part 1…read more

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In this section...
You will learn how to compare population change
between countries…read more

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The population of a country is constantly changing. In some
countries, the population will be growing in others it may
stay level or may even decline.
The change of population in a country is the difference between the
number of babies being born and the number of people who die.
This difference is called the natural increase.
If this is a positive number, there are more births than death.
If it is a negative number, there are more deaths than births.
If birth and death rates are almost equal, the country will
have a population balance.…read more

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Population Increase: Uganda
Total population: 31 367 972
Birth rate: 48.15 per 1000
Death rate: 12.32 per 1000
Natural increase: 35.83 per 1000…read more

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Population Balance: Poland
Total Population: 38 500 696
Birth rate: 9.99 per 1000
Death rate: 10.01 per 1000
Natural increase: -0.02 per 1000…read more

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Population Decline: Japan
Total population: 127 288 419
Birth rate: 7.37 per 1000
Death rate: 9.26 per 1000
Natural increase: -1.89 per 1000…read more

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