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Population Dynamics
TOPIC 1…read more

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Population Growth
The world's population is growing rapidly
In 2008 the rate of growth has begun to slow down
There are two things that affect the population size of
the world or country:
Birth Rate- The amount of Death Rate-The amount of
babies per 1000 of the deaths per 1000 of the
population per year population per year…read more

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Population size
When the birth rate is higher than the death rate, it's
called natural increase as more people are being born
than dying
When the death rate is higher than the birth rate, it's
called natural decrease
The size of a country is also affected by migration
(the movement of people into and out of an area or
Immigrants-People moving into a country
Emigrants- People moving out of a country…read more

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Demographic Transition Model…read more

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The different phases
Phase 1- High birth rate due to no birth control and high
infant mortality, but also a high death rate due to disease
and famine. Population fluctuates but stays relatively
stable and low.
Phase 2- There is still a high birth rate, but death rate
falls due to an improvement in nutrition and health care.
This means that there is a very rapid increase in the
Phase 3- There is a fall in the birth rate due to birth
control and the want of smaller families, and the gap
between birth and death rates narrows. There is still a
population increase, but less rapid.…read more

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Phase 4- The population is still high, but is balanced
by a low birth rate and a low death rate. This is down
to working women delaying the age they start having
a family and the fact that birth control is widely
available. There is a very slow increase.
Phase 5 (not on graph)- The death rate is higher than
the birth rate and the population is going into
decline, but is still high. The ageing population and
desire to have smaller families is the reason for this.…read more

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Mr A Gibson


Lots to go through here. Information in a modern context and very useful for your revision armory. Loads of facts and figures and well presented to make it engaging.

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