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Population dynamics
People and the planet…read more

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Global population growth
· Global population growth is still high(1.95%) and the
time it takes to add a billion to the population is
considerably shorter than it was (between 1999 and
2013 it was 14 years).
· However, it has recently fallen a little (in the 80s and
90s it was 2.1%) and the time to add the last billion
was 2 years longer than the billion before (1987 and
1999 was only 12 years).
· Population growth is expected to slow down even
more in upcoming years, with the next billion taking 1
year longer to add, and the billion after that an extra 5
years.…read more

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Population change
Births Immigrants
+ Population gain +
Natural change Total Population Migrational change
- Population loss -
Deaths Emigrants
· Natural increase does not include migrational
change, as wherever the people live, there is
still the same amount of people.…read more

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Why is the natural increase
· The fall of mortality. This has happened due to:
· The development of modern medicine.
· The introduction of vaccination and immunisation
· Improved healthcare- more hospitals and professionals.
· More hygienic housing.
· Cleaner drinking water and better sewage disposal.
· Better diet.
· Falling infant mortality rate.
· Population multiplier effect: more people, more children,
larger natural increase, more people, repeat.…read more

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Natural variations in population
· The global population is continuing to rise, but the
distribution is changing, with some countries like
Kuwait having massive growth (+75.9%) and some
like Tonga having negative growth (-3.2%).
· This distribution is due to culture, but primarily
development. As countries develop and change,
so does the rate of natural change.
· This can be seen in a demographic transition
model.…read more

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Demographic transition model
· This tells us that a county passes through fives
different stages which are:…read more

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