population control Kerala

how kerala has reduced its population through education

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Population control through education
Reducing the population
Improve education standards amongst girls
Provide adult literacy classes in towns and villages
Educate people to understand benefits of a smaller family
Improve healthcare so infant mortality is reduced eg vaccinations for
Provide free contraception and advice
Encourage a higher age of marriage
Allow maternity leave for the first two children only
Provide retirement benefits for people with smaller families
Follow land reform programme so no ones landless or has over 8
hectares of land
1) Education has reduced the amount of children each women has because if women
are putting careers and education first, they will hold off marriage and therefore may
not have children early.
2) Improvements in healthcare have reduced the population because Kerala has a low
infant mortality so more children are living so people don't need to have lots of
children. Infant mortality has decreased to12 per 1000 children. The families also
have access to free contraception. This means they have more control over
3) The land reform programme has helped reduce the population because land in
Kerala was redistributed so no one is landless. No family is allowed more than 8
hectares of land. So everyone is self sufficient, and a bigger family would be a


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