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Population Change
Question 1 of the paper…read more

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Population Change
The rate of population increase is slowly
becoming greater so the population has
grown exponentially.
Birth Rate (BR): the number of babies born
alive per 1000 people each year.
Death Rate (DR): The number of deaths
per 1000 people each year.
Natural increase: The difference between
birth and death rate, expressed as a
percentage.…read more

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The Demographic Transition
Birth Rate Death Rate…read more

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The Stages of the Demographic
Transition Model
Stage 1:
Little Medicine, low life expectancy and no birth control ­
high birth rates
Stage 2:
Improved medicine and hygiene ­ life expectancy increase
Stage 3:
Birth control, economic change making children a burden ­
decrease in birth rate.
Stage 4:
Birth rate fluctuates due to a fluctuating economy
Stage 5:
Decrease in Birth Rate ­ economy discourages people from
having children and women have more job opportunities.…read more

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Rate of population growth
The rate of population growth is affected by 4 things:
Agricultural Change: technology saves labour freeing
workers for industry so there is more economic growth.
Urbanisation: Child labour has less value in cities so less
children are born.
Education: Fewer children are born so parents have more
money to spend on each one ­ rate of population
Emancipation of Women: less prejudice against women,
larger workforce needed ­ increase in women workers
leaving no time or money to pay for maternity leave and
care so children less desirable.…read more

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Population Pyramids
Wide base = Narrow at the
high BR top = short
expectancy…read more

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