Popular Recreation

Revision notes on popular recreation for A2 Physical Education - Popular Recreation

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Popular Recreation
Characteristics of Pop Rec.
Cruel/ Violent
Courtly/ Popular
Aristocracy ­ Rich
Had time, money and fashion
Pay money for food and beer at peasant festivals and prize money
Peasants ­ Poor
Cock fighting, Beer Baiting, Mob Games
Limited Coding
Rules ­ Word of Mouth. Most of the peasants were illiterate so could only learn
through friends and family.
No written rules, natural environment
Place bets on results and MOB games. Makes it a bit more exciting because there is
money on it. If peasants did really well they could go from "Rags to riches".
Aristocracy would gamble on some cock fighting and bare knuckle boxing. Gambling
was fashionable and considered the norm.
Cruel/ Violent
Reflects the harsh lifestyle the peasant lived in. It was a spectacle to watch cruel and
violent acts. They played games such as bear baiting, bare knuckle fighting as well
as mob games which were very violent and they would put small wagers on the
events. They watched the events because there wasn't much else to do. It was
cheap so it was mainly peasants who watched and took part.
Done in the local area because people from the town would gather to watch and the
transport was very limited so people couldn't travel.
Done in the natural environment because people lived and worked in the countryside.

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Peasants had to work from dawn till dusk. 6 days a week (not Sunday) Sports were
played annually because peasants had to work all the time
Something to do with a religious aspect. There is symbolism and ceremony. You
have to do the same thing every time. Traditional eg. May day festivals
Eg. Boating, Pedestrianism (Running), Occupational aspect of their sport, that comes
from their work. Fishing/ ferryman occupational boating, Dogging Coat + Badge,
ferrymen used to race for it.…read more


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