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An amazing
By Ellie Cross…read more

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Spa Fields, London, Dec 1816.
It was a huge meeting with Henry Hunt as speaker
Had a carnival like atmosphere- banners, bands, market stalls,
leaflets, etc.
One leaflet called for people to take up arms and attack/riot-
small section did (seized weapons and marched on the Tower of
Most were peaceful- sang the national anthem
Hunt spoke about lowering taxes and parliamentary reform
1817- Government received 700 petitions, but despite some
radical MPs and sympathetic Whigs, the petition was ignored
and dismissed…read more

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Government response
Most members of parliament were afraid of the
demonstration of popular feeling
When the regent's coach was attacked soon after Spa
Fields the government suspended Habeas Corpus- people
could be arrested and held without trial or specific charge
Government feared bad harvest, trade depression and the
cold months in case the situation worsened…read more

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March of the Blanketeers, March (lol)
A protest march of mostly unemployed handloom
weavers, to London from Manchester to hand the Regent a
Demanded parliamentary reform, abolition of the Corn
Laws and re-instatement of Habeas Corpus ­ also listed
economic grievances concerning unemployment and high
Planned to attract support and more marchers along the
Stopped by troops in Stockport ­ 1 shot, several wounded…read more

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Government response
Banned meetings of 50+ people
This and Habeas Corpus still being suspended meant that
the radicals were forced underground ­ false names and
codes were used
Government started to use spies to infiltrate radical groups
­ get caught red handed i.e. Petrich rising
Manchester magistrates were reformed accumulated to
the Peterloo massacre in 1819…read more


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