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Popular culture is worthless. Discuss.
Popular culture can be viewed from many different perspectives, one view of popular culture can be
considered through art in which there has been a connection between high and popular culture for
many years. It can be noted that `one can with ease cite classical…

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It has also been argued that popular culture can be harmful to specific cultures because `electronic
media and consumer culture are bound up in a larger system of global capitalism. Furthermore this
capitalist system has demonstrably harmful effects on those who work in exploitative environments,
who suffer from the insecurity…

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In a study looking at the effects of popular culture on religion Hulsether (2005) observed that `some
of the most important and interesting texts in recent U.S culture which have overlapping concerns
with liberation theologies are by Madonna.' (Hulsether 2005) This study is not necessarily saying that
Madonna is promoting…

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popular culture as a site of struggle between the `resistance' of subordinate groups and the force of
`incorporation' operating in the interests of dominant groups. `The field of popular culture is
structured by the attempt of the ruling class to win hegemony and by forms of opposition to this

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