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What is a Polymer?
· A polymer is a long chain molecule made up of small
units called monomers.
· Polymer means many monomers.
· If all the monomer molecules are same: A-A polymer
----A+A+A+A---- = ----A-A-A-A----
eg. Poly(ethene), poly(chloroethene) and PVC
· If the monomer molecules are different: A-B polymer
----A+B+A+B---- = ----A-B-A-B----
eg. polyamines (nylons) and polyesters…read more

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Addition polymerisation
· Chain growth polymerisation
· If the monomers contain a double bond or triple bond,
they can add together to make a polymer.
· No other products are formed.
· The polymer structure can be represented more simply
by drawing the repeating unit.…read more

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A co-polymer is made when two different monomers
become incorporated into the polymer chain.…read more

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· soft and springy
· can be stretched, but they return their original shape
· Eg: rubber…read more

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· Not so springy
· When deformed, it tends to stay out of shape
· Undergoes permanent or plastic deformation
· Eg: Polyethene…read more

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