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Polymers…read more

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What is a polymer?…read more

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Polymers have properties which depend
on the chemicals they are made from,
and the conditions in which they are
made. For example, poly(ethene) can be
low-density or high-density depending
upon the catalyst and reaction condition
used to make it. The table summarises
some differences in their properties:…read more

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Thermosoftening polymers
Thermosoftening polymers soften when
heated and can be shaped when hot. The
shape will harden when it is cooled, but can
be reshaped when heated up again. Poly
(ethene) is a thermosoftening polymer. Its
tangled polymer chains can uncoil and slide
past each other, making it a flexible
material.…read more

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Thermosetting polymers
Thermosetting polymers have different
properties to thermosoftening polymers.
Once moulded, they do not soften when
heated and they cannot be reshaped.
Vulcanised rubber is a thermoset used to
make tyres. Its polymer chains are joined
together by cross-links, so they cannot slide
past each other easily.…read more


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