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Have one or more C=C bonds ­ said to be unsaturated ­ all bond angles around double bond are 120o as there is 3 sets of electron density around each carbon

General formula is CnH2n

-A-A-A-A- polymers made from one type of alkene monomer
-B-B-B-B- polymers can be made…

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Structure and properties of polymers

Factors affecting properties of polymers - BSSCCC (think of a biscuit)
- Branching: if the polymer is straight and unbranched, the chains pack more closely giving stronger bonds, therefore a stronger polymer.
- Stereoregularity: the more regular the orientation of the side groups, the closer…

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Large dipole between small hydrogen atom and a highly electronegative atom.
Small H atom is able to approach close to other atoms to form hydrogen bond.
There needs to be a lone pair of electrons on an O, F or N atom for which the hydrogen can line up with.…

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TERTAIRY doesn't oxidise

Dehydration of alcohols (elimination reaction)

Lose a molecule of water to produce an alkene

Reaction conditions: Al2O3 catalyst at 300oC at 1atm OR refluxing with conc. sulphuric acid

Infrared spectroscopy
The fingerprint region is below 1500cm-1

Why do molecules absorb IR radiation?

Each bond has its own…


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