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Polygenic Inheritance
Topic 3…read more

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· Polygenic inheritance is where there are groups of genes
on multiple loci that determine variation of a phenotype
· the additive effect ­ many genes add together to
produce a phenotype…read more

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The master gene
· This is what turns on and off genes
· It makes 2 proteins that can either switch on or off a
particular gene…read more

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Continuous Discontinuous
· These are · These are
characteristics about characteristics that do
you that continue to not vary throughout
change your life and stay the
for example your height and same
weight for example your gender, your
blood group and whether you can
roll your tongue or not…read more

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Multifactorial determination of
· This is when there are more than one factor that can
cause the phenotype
· Genes + Environment = Multifactorial…read more

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how the variation is caused
· The different genes from the mother and father
mix together and at RANDOM half of each the
parents alleles are put together
· For example if there are 6 genes that cause a
phenotype like the colour of your eye
· 3 of these are randomly selected from the mother
and mixed with 3 of the genes from the father…read more

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