Pollution from combustion of fossil fuels

Information on how pollutants are made and what effects they may have on the environment or people. The effects of acid rain.

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Pollutant Origin ( how pollutant is made) Effects ( What may happen)
Carbon monoxide Carbon monoxide is given off It stops blood from carrying
from car exhausts. Incomplete oxygen around the body,
combustion is normally the people don't realise they have
cause. it. It is the silent killer.
Carbon (soot) Catalytic converters on It covers trees and may affect
exhausts tune carbon the environment e.g kills licken
monoxide into carbon.
Incomplete combustion causes
Sulphur dioxide Fossil fuels contain sulphur and Sulphur dioxide reacts with
when burned, sulphur dioxide oxygen and water vapour in
is released. the air which forms acid rain.
Nitrogen oxides Heat from fossil fuels is enough Creates chemical smoke.
to combine nitrose dioxide
with oxygen.
Pollution from combustion of fossil fuels
Trees- The acid rain is absorbed by the soil, The PH in the soil falls and root systems are
damaged and trees may die.
Fish- Lakes in Norway and Sweden have no fish because the acid rain has leached harmful
metals out of the soil and into the water. Aluminium is one example. If it is too high then fish
and other creatures die.
Buildings- Limestone and marble are worst affected by acid rain. This is an important issue
when historical buildings are being conserved.


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