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Democracy ­ for the people, of the people, by the people

Legitimacy ­ government has a democratic right to hold power.

e.g. the house of commons is legitimate as it is elected. However, many claim that the electoral
system is unfair and distorts political representation.

Direct democracy ­ people making…

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Voter fatigue

Representative democracy ­ elected representative.


Elected or appointed with experience
Decides the rationally rather than emotionally
Accountable ­ therefore responsible
The people can't be continually involved so can delegate power
Mediates between the interests of different sections in society ­ preventing tyranny of the



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Tolerant society

Pluralist democracy

Large and different no of political parties.
Wide variety of political associations and pressure groups
Power is widely dispersed. People great deal of influence

Parliamentary democracy

Parliament is sovereign
Laws only enforced if legitimised by UK parliament
Government is drawn from parliament
Parliament ensures geological representation…

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Parliament weak ability to hold government to account
Smaller parties are under represente


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