Politics: The Constitution - Examples/Cases to use in essays

Just a collection of examples I've put together to do in essays because having examples to support your point is something the examiners are really keen on according to my politics teacher. Hope this helps :)

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The Constitution ­ Examples to use in essays

Statute laws of constitutional significance
Parliament Acts of 1911 and 1949 which limited the power of the House of Lords
European Community Act 1972, which authorised UK's European Community
Scotland Act 1998 ­ established the Scottish Parliament
Government of Wales Act…

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2013 ­ in light of Conneticut school shootings and other instances of gun crime,
Obama hopes to tighten gun laws but this conflicts with the enshrined
constitutional right to bear arms. In this case, the constitution acts as a block.
The most recent constitutional amendment in the USA, regarding salaries…


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