Politics: Evaluation of UK Constitutional Reforms since 1997

The different reforms, why they were put in place, and did they go too far or not far enough, with both sides of the argument.

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Reform Justifications Reform has been inadequate ­ Reform has gone too far ­
'liberal' view 'conservative' view
Devolution ­ -Concerns about over-centralisation. -Parliamentary Sovereignty -Concerns about disintegration of the
Scotland, NI and -Laws were being made in Westminster means that devolved powers UK
Wales given their but applied to whole…

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court system.
Abolition of role -Post goes against the principle of -Supreme Court still only holds -Lord Chancellor had been one of the
of Lord separation of powers; Lord Chancellor very limited powers due to oldest roles in UK political system
Chancellor and was cabinet member, speaker of Lords Parliamentary…

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-Some issues are too politically
complex to offer a vote on (e.g. In
or out of the EU.


Old Sir


This a useful, brief and concise summary of recent constitutional reforms which students might find useful as a starting-point for more in-depth learning of case studies in order to address assessment objective 2, (evaluation and analysis). However, in the section referring to devolution I would advise that the word states (referring to Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) is replaced with regions. (At least until after the outcome of the 2014 Scottish referendum.)

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