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Reform Justifications Reform has been inadequate ­ Reform has gone too far ­
'liberal' view 'conservative' view
Devolution ­ -Concerns about over-centralisation. -Parliamentary Sovereignty -Concerns about disintegration of the
Scotland, NI and -Laws were being made in Westminster means that devolved powers UK
Wales given their but applied to whole…

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court system.
Abolition of role -Post goes against the principle of -Supreme Court still only holds -Lord Chancellor had been one of the
of Lord separation of powers; Lord Chancellor very limited powers due to oldest roles in UK political system
Chancellor and was cabinet member, speaker of Lords Parliamentary…

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-Some issues are too politically
complex to offer a vote on (e.g. In
or out of the EU.


Old Sir

This a useful, brief and concise summary of recent constitutional reforms which students might find useful as a starting-point for more in-depth learning of case studies in order to address assessment objective 2, (evaluation and analysis). However, in the section referring to devolution I would advise that the word states (referring to Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) is replaced with regions. (At least until after the outcome of the 2014 Scottish referendum.)

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