Politics and the Economy Quiz, 1951-57

This quiz has the questions on one side, the answers on the other - revise the answers to the questions then test yourself by covering them up. You usually get one mark per piece of key detail - tell me your best scores in the comments!!

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History: The Making of Modern Britain

Section 1: The postwar consensus? 195164

Politics and the economy, 195164

1.How did professor Peter Hennessy Hennessy beli eved that the Attlee legacy was
view the Attlee legacy?(1) the foundation stone of all that is best about
post-war Britain.
2. Who was Nigel…

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4. New furniture bought on hire purchase
15. When did ITV launch commercial 1955.
programming? (1)
16. How did Butler boost election prospects in A 'give-away' budget, which provided the
1955? (3) middle classes with £134 million in tax cuts.
17. What was the Conservative majority in 70 seats.…


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