Politics and the Economy Quiz, 1951-57

This quiz has the questions on one side, the answers on the other - revise the answers to the questions then test yourself by covering them up. You usually get one mark per piece of key detail - tell me your best scores in the comments!!

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History: The Making of Modern Britain
Section 1: The postwar consensus? 195164
Politics and the economy, 195164
1.How did professor Peter Hennessy Hennessy beli eved that the Attlee legacy was
view the Attlee legacy?(1) the foundation stone of all that is best about
post-war Britain.
2. Who was Nigel Lawson, and how did he Lawson was one of Margaret Thatcher's
view Attlee?(2) chancellors, and he believed that Attlee set
the direction Britain would follow for a
3. How did Coates regard the Attlee years? In his book on the 'struggle for socialism',
(3) Coates denounces the Attlee years as a lost
opportunity, as it failed to bring about true
4. How did Correlli Barnett view the post-war Barnett believed the post-war consensus to
consensus? (2) be a mistaken policy, and that the
Conservative Party should have broken with it
sooner and prevented Britain becoming a
'nanny state'.
5. What was the name of Barnett's book in The Audit of War.
which he espoused these views? (1)
6.Inwhich month was the 1951 October.
general election held?(1)
7. How old was Churchill when he retired in 80.
1955? (1)
8. In which year did Churchill suffer a 1953. He was left with impaired speech.
particularly serious stroke,and w hat were
the effects of this?(2)
9. In his 2000 book,The Prime Minister, what "One has to be careful not to overdo
did Hennessy say about Churchill?(1) the depiction of the old warrior in his
final premiership as a kind of walking
10. Give three pieces of evidence to suggest 1. Men's weekly wages went up
that the 1950s were an age of affluence. (3) 2. Massive increases in private savings
3. Boom in car ownership
4. Home-ownership increased, helped by easy
access to cheap mortgages
11 . What were men's wages on average in £8.30 in 1951 to £15.30 in 1961.
1951, and what did they go up to in 1961?
12.How many new homes were built Over 300,000.
per year?(1)
13. When did food rationing end?(1) 1954.
14. Name four popular consumer goods in 1. Televisions
which there was a surge in ownership in the 2. Washing machines
1950s (4) 3. Refrigerators

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New furniture bought on hire purchase
15. When did ITV launch commercial 1955.
programming? (1)
16. How did Butler boost election prospects in A 'give-away' budget, which provided the
1955? (3) middle classes with £134 million in tax cuts.
17. What was the Conservative majority in 70 seats.
the 1955 general election?(1)
18. Who replaced Clement Attlee as Labour Hugh Gaitskell.
Party leader?(1)
19.When did Eden take military action October 1956.
against ColonelNasser?
20.…read more


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